January is typically the month where we attempt to be healthy. We renew our gym memberships, start packing healthy lunches for work and pledge to all of our friends that it is a “New Year, New Me’. So HOOCH has decided to help keep your promise! We recently ran down the best healthy cocktails to make at home, but we’re not going to stay cooped up all winter! So we’ve made a list of our 3 Favorite Low-Cal Cocktails New Yorkers are crazy about!

Avocado Daily At Sweetwater Social


Avocado and cucumber go together like Murtaugh and Riggs. Think about it: your spicy tuna roll just would not be the same without this hot green on green action. The folks at Sweetwater Social have combined them in a killer cocktail with mezcal, fresh lime, and “hella smoked” chili bitters.  This delicious concoction is shaken & served with an enormous ice cube that won’t have the chance to melt before you’re done, it’s that good, we promise!

Sweetwater Social (NoHo)
643 Broadway
New York, NY

Bitch’s Brew At Bed-Vyne Cocktail


Ginger juice, organic kale, pink peppercorns, lemon juice, and apple cider; the ingredients for this cocktail at Bed-Vyne Cocktail sounds more like a morning smoothie! Now add a dash of dry gin and it quickly becomes your new favorite health-kick cocktail.  It’s easy to stay healthy when it tastes this good! If you’re trying to cut down on the calories a little further, ask your bartender to sub out the apple cider.

Bed-Vyne Cocktail (Bed-Stuy)
305 Halsey Street
Brooklyn, NY

Wild Air At Ode To Babel

Sugar?  There’s no need for it! Ode to Babel have carefully concocted this cocktail without even a hint of the sweet stuff! Breuckelen Distilling Glorious Gin, cucumber, lemon, sweet fennel, and salt are infused to create something to behold and man does it goes down smoothly. It’s light and refreshing and a perfect apres-gym drink that is guilt-free!

Ode To Babel (Prospect Heights)
772 Dean Street
Brooklyn, NY