SFZ_4793Inside Bang Bang’s Studio

As promised, the Hooch team has been up to some pretty awesome stuff in the past few weeks as we continue to shake up the nightlife industry — and The Toast is here to serve you the details, straight up.

Our private cocktail society teamed up with the “most in-demand tattoo artist in the entertainment world, Keith ‘Bang Bang’ McCurdy,” inside his preeminently chic studio at the ever-so-edgy intersection of the Bowery’s Broome & Chrystie Streets for the launch of his new book, Bang Bang: My Life In Ink.

Every tattoo, no matter the reason, symbolizes a deeply personal journey — a profound expression of individual identity — Bang Bang: My Life In Ink is simultaneously a spiritually moving, as well as visually enticing work emblematic of this very notion.

Circa 8pm on,11/17 (yes, a Tuesday), the thump of deep bass reverberates through the sidewalk as the line behind a velvet rope begins to take shape. Lights flash as the sounds of laughter and cocktails shaking accompany the beat; the party is clearly well underway once inside.


When Hooch Is Involved, Expect Great Cocktails

A vibrant buzz is alive throughout the crowd — largely ink-adorned and dressed to the nines — as industry insiders mingle in anticipation of the guest-of-honor over — you guessed it — outstanding cocktails.

Hooch & the heralded bartenders of the championed mixology landmark Black Crescent — which tragically had to close due to a fire (currently awaiting re-opening) — teamed up to complement the artistry of the event with equally enticing beverages:

BANG BANG Old Fashioned

– Rye Whiskey, Demerara, Aromatic Bitters

Tequila Rose

– Blanco Tequila, Fresh Lime, Aromatic Bitters

Delta Bravo

– Gin or Vodka, Fresh Lemon, Honey, Yuzu, Cucumber


Hooch Founder, Aleksey Kernes & Connor Gallagher of Musika Frere – Who dressed the Bang Bang Team.

Whilst champagne pops and glasses clank in accolades to Keith ‘Bang Bang’s’ accomplishments — as the go-getter as he is — our founder Aleksey Kernes managed to get his hands on a signed copy of the work in question!


Bang Bang Himself Signs Our Copy!

Within just a glimpse inside, it becomes clear that My Life In Ink sets out to move its readers with a beautiful story that — just like the artwork Keith adorns upon his muse’s bodies, which serve as the canvas for their collaborative vision — is much more than skin deep.

Expect truly transcendent artistry — coupled with outlandish celebrity interviews & behind-the-scenes stories — punctuated with autobiographical asides that underscore how Keith McCurdy, the once self-proclaimed ‘trouble-child,’ became a world-renowned artist of the highest caliber.


The Ride


The DJ Booth


The Signed Copy!


Hooch’s Michelle Jimenez & Andrea Meggiato of Faraone Mennella


Brett David, Owner of Rochelle’s & Gia Genevieve of One Management


Reynolds – Owner of Black Crescent, Serves up the Hooch


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