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How To Win Thanksgiving

Quality time with your peeps during the holidays (occasionally?) requires a few good drinks! Politics with your Uncle? Nosy in-laws? That close-talking friend... When you're ready to grab the dog and make a run for the door... just breathe. And take a sip of one of

Cocktails 101: VODKA

Today we celebrate National Vodka Day! In honor of this classic spirit, we've scoured the Earth to bring a little knowledge - and fun - your way. Here are the TOP 10 Vodka cocktails - plus how to make'm! - for you to enjoy and

NYFW: HOOCH & Thursday Boots

New York Fashion Week is here and HOOCH is throwing the hottest party in NYC with Thursday Boots, hosted by Super Model Nina Agdal, Tyson Ritter of The All-American Rejects and Actress Rosario Dawson!  Keep your eyes peeled for pics, vids, recap and more coming soon... Cheers!

Top 15 Brunch Bars in SF!

You know the feeling: The weekend is fast approaching, your friends are already day dreaming of boozy brunch... and all the Instagram posts that come with it. You know that guac is extra, but can you pick an amazing venue in crunch time? Fear not,

Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Fun!

August 16th is National Rum Day! Celebrate the sweet spirit of the Caribbean and learn how to make these 10 incredible cocktails at home:   Strawberry Mojito Born in Havana and bred to please over Latin fare, Mojitos are as popular as their friendly tequila