Want to liven up your Inauguration party with some drinking games?  Do yourself and your guests a solid and mix it up a little bit. Beer pong is great but we have complied a list of our office faves.

1. Find Love


Black-Eyed Pea’s lovers asked the world over, ‘Where is the love?’. Well guys, we’ve found it. Rihanna’s “We Found Love” is a jam and is a good call for the party playlist regardless of what games are going down. At HOOCH, we bump RiRi for a reason. Every time you hear the word “love,” take a shot. After the song ends find a glass of water and nurse it for a minute….You’d be surprised the amount of times one can say love in 3 minutes…!

2. Drink While You Think


In this game, the first person names a celebrity (Conor McGregor). The person to their left names a celebrity whose name begins with the first letter of that celebrity’s last name (McGregor -> Meryl Streep). You must drink while you think of a name so speed is key!

3. Would You Rather?


HOOCHers tend to be brave souls with the spirit to forge their own path. But, just this once, we want you to go with the crowd. Here’s how the drinking version of Would You Rather works: Someone asks a question (i.e. Would You Rather make out with Louie Anderson or Louie C.K.?) The room is polled and everyone casts their vote. Everyone who chooses the least popular response has to drink.

If you’ve had one too many, then you need to roll with the masses to avoid debauchery or drunken disasters.

4. Paranoia


Paranoia makes for a bad significant other, but makes for a great drinking game!

The person on your right whispers you a question, the answer to which has to be the name of somebody in the circle (i.e. “Who is the biggest dork here?”). You respond out loud. If someone wants to know what the question was, they have to drink.  Your paranoia and/or nosiness will quickly get you toasty.

5. Drunken Artists


Think your friend can’t draw his way out of a paper bag?  How about when he’s half in the bag?

Drunken Artists is Pictionary with a twist that you’ll never guess. No, just kidding, you know exactly what the twist is.

The artist draws his or her word on the paper and, while timed, the rest of the players guess what the picture is supposed to be.  After the correct guess (which could take a while, depending on how late in the evening this is played), you check the timer to see how many seconds have passed.  For every 20 seconds that went by, the artist has to take one gulp of their drink.  If they get it in 40 seconds, the artist takes two gulps.  If it takes 120 seconds, it’ll be six gulps.  If it’s any longer, they might have to double-fist it.