Allow us to introduce you to the sleek and sexy redesigned new version of the Hooch app!
As we continue to bring you more & more exclusive cocktails to enjoy and premier venues to explore, we’ve reimagined the Hooch interface to make finding the perfect place for a night (or day, we’re not judging) on the town even easier.


The new Hooch experience features a robust browsing & display system that suggests partnered venues nearby, seamlessly allowing you to get a feel for the vibe & ambiance of your neighborhood’s nightlife offering with illuminating descriptions, photos, and more.
Once you’ve locked down a location, the update will have your taste-buds tingling before you even step inside with enhanced members-only menu cocktail lists – Picking your poison has never looked sweeter.
In addition to full aesthetic overhaul, Hooch now presents an Annual Plan Offering – In the spirit of taking care of our members – pun intended – You can save while ensuring that the drinks keep on flowing, every day of the year – Call it a literal glass-more-than-half-full situation.

Finally, the rewards keep on pouring.Loving our private cocktail society? Help Hooch shake up the way your own inner-circle enjoys the best that New York’s nightlife has to offer with our friends referral program.

Go ahead, induct a few of your closest friends into our ranks, and bask in their eternal gratitude as they get a taste for the Hooch treatment and you both enjoy a Free 1-Month membership.

Download it here today, and stay thirsty for more intoxicating members-only news, updates, events, and promos with our quenching newsletter.


The Hooch Team