The holidays are here and, if you’re anything like us, you probably put off holiday shopping until the last minute.  Don’t fret!  We’re here to help you get the perfect gift for everyone in your circle.

HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset


Let’s start big. Virtual reality is all the rage this holiday season and the HTC Vive is widely considered to be the best avenue for thrusting yourself into the world of fully immersive gaming.  If you haven’t played around with VR yet, it can be best described as playing video games in The Matrix.  For someone special in your life, you can make their daydreams of hunting alien spaceships come true.  Just be sure it’s someone really special.  The Vive is priced around $800 and if you don’t already have a computer that is powerful enough you’ll need to purchase that as well.

Nintendo Entertainment System: Classic Edition


Now, let’s scale things back a bit.  If the Vive is a little too rich for your blood, you could instead pick up one of the newly-built throwback Nintendo systems for the video gamer in your life.  Your 14-year-old cousin might look at the NES like it’s a dinosaur, but anyone who grew up in the early 90s will jump for joy when they get this.  The retro-chic NES retails for about $60, if you can find it in stock.

HOOCH Gift Card


Don’t have time to get to the store or order something online? The HOOCH gift card is the perfect last minute gift to get for the cocktail enthusiast in your life.  Just go to your HOOCH app, click the menu button, and choose “Give HOOCH.”  From there, you can give your friend or loved one a six-month membership for $49.99 (16% off) or a one-year membership for $89.99 (25% off).  On the one-year membership, that works out to as many as 365 drinks!   It’s the perfect gift for them and for you its the best way to avoid the frenzy of the mall.

Amazon Kindle


For your favorite bookworm, why not save them trips to the library or bookstore with Amazon’s Kindle?   Only a little heavier than a bookmark, the Kindle can store oodles of e-books and reduces eye-strain with its proprietary screen technology.  There are over a million titles available for $2.99 or less, but here’s a little secret: you can “rent” the e-books for free through your membership at the local library.  The basic Kindle can be had for as low as $79.99 while the Kindle Paperwhite (with built-in light, higher resolution) is $99.99.


New York Goodies Box


Oy vey, it’s not easy to get New York delicacies in other parts of the country.  Fortunately, the folks at the world famous Zabar’s supermarket have put NYC’s definitive Jewish treats all in one gift basket.  That includes Zabar’s chocolate babka, black & white cookies, an adorable  I <3 NY cookie, and two different types of rugelach: Zabar’s cinnamon rugelach and selections from Erica’s Rugelach in Park Slope.  This is a great gift for the foodie who lives outside of the tri-state area and it’s even a good choice for the foodie who lives in NYC.  After all, it’s freezing in New York and this basket saves a lot of schlepping.  You can be a real mensch and pick this up for $85 from Zabar’s website.

Yoga Dress Pants


Yup, you read that right.  Yoga dress pants.  This concept from Betabrand has been selling like crazy and it’s not hard to see why.  These are every bit as comfortable as the yoga pants you wear to the gym, except they come equipped with a faux zipper, pockets, and button for dress-pant styling.  These retail for $78 but you should be able to find a coupon code with a little bit of Googling.