With so many restaurants and bars to choose from in Miami, it’s often hard to decide where to go for a few drinks in the evening. When was the last time you drank at a hotel bar that no one in your party was staying at?  Or, when did you and your friends last hit up a steakhouse for a meatless evening at the bar?  Well, there’s a first time for everything and we have a couple places we need to tell you about that will change how you choose your bar.

Quality Meats
You may know Quality Meats as one of the very best steakhouses in Miami and New York.  Carnivores up and down the East Coast come to Quality Meats for their funky dry aged steaks and new-aged take on steakhouse sides.  Looking for a perfectly-cooked and vaguely nutty ribeye that rivals (or bests) places like Peter Luger’s?  They’ve got that.  But, instead of a plain potato or creamed spinach, diners choose from sides like sides like corn creme brûlée and parmesan waffle fries.
What HOOCH lovers might not know is that the 305 branch also boasts a top-quality bar with a very strong cocktail menu.
Not content to have just one cocktail? QM serves up the Rubik’s Spritz with supersized ice cubes blocks. The spritz itself is a mixture of prosecco, vodka, and elderflower liqueur with a hint of lemon juice and simple syrup. The colorful frozen bricks made of Cointreau, mango purée, raspberry purée, and lime juice prove to be more than just a cute gimmick. As your drink slowly melts, the bubbly concoction takes on acid from the lime, sweetness from the raspberry and mango, and a bit of welcome bitterness from the Cointreau. You’ll Instagram the hell out of this one, but it’s a good pick for more than just its aesthetics!
The Loose Canon is a perfect cocktail for wintry and warm nights alike. Tequila, fresh celery juice, and a “house elixir” are given a spicy kick when poured over gigantic jalapeño ice cubes.  The drink is a little bit spicy, a little bit sweet, and really, really refreshing.  It’s a must-order item, even on those gelid 70 degree nights in Miami.
Vagabond Kitchen And Bar
Never heard of the Vagabond Kitchen And Bar?  Well, perhaps you have heard of the retro-chic Vagabond Hotel Miami, a space-inspired art-deco hotel that looks like it came straight out of The Jetsons.  Upon opening in 1953, the Vagabond became the hangout in The Magic City and was said to attract the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. Over the years, the Vagabond began to sag, but two years ago it underwent a massive restoration project bringing the hotel into the 21st century…and beyond! Now, it’s once again a popular pick for tourists with a 1917 imagining of the year 2017.
You don’t have to be a tourist or even a hotel guest to enjoy the Vagabond’s bar. HOOCH subscribers can start off with featured drinks like the Vagabond Spritzer or the spicy/sweet Cross The Street, but our personal favorite is the Summer Splash.
The Summer Splash is made with a basil and black pepper infused mezcal, lemon juice, simple syrup, Worcester sauce, and a healthy dose of tomato water. Perfect for those who enjoy the spicier things in life.
The Bloody Mary is best enjoyed before sundown, but the fresh-pressed tomato water here provides a far more subtle base than tomato juice.  No one will judge you for ordering this during or after dinner hours.