As much as we love hanging out in NYC’s trendiest venues with the Hooch App — there came a time when our growing team could no longer ignore the fact that stellar ambiance & tantalizing flavors, while great for Happy Hour, do not a functional office-setting make.

While we will miss coding & posting mid-day social media blasts over dodgy guest wifi from the bar, we have come to truly see the value in having standard office amenities — such as light, and/or internet access.

Thus, today marks a momentous occasion for the Hooch Team — We’ve officially laid claim to our very own slice of modern, minimalistic, start-upy paradise to call home.

Allow us to proudly announce the establishment of Hooch HQ at Alley NYC’s slick new Chelsea diggs!

Joining the ranks of this curated community of NYC based start-ups at cutting edge of cool, we set out to make ourselves (wait for it…) the toast of this amazing cooperative working space!

Now that we’ve secured our home-base, you can look forward to frequent updates on the latest & greatest photos, news, promotions, events, and insider info to keep you in-the-know — Like details about our next, can’t miss members-only event!

Check out this photo from last night’s shindig, posted by our partners at Sons of Essex for their 4-Year Anniversary Celebration!


Check back often as we chronicle the Hooch Team’s escapades on their noble quest to bring the best that New York City’s nightlife has to offer, straight to your fingertips every day — and of course, the first round to your lips.


DON’T FORGET to use your “Invite Friendscode within the app to share the love, and bring your clique out to experience the Hooch treatment with you this weekend!



Hooch Team