Here at Hooch, we have a tendency to explain things in terms of what we do best — booze!

Take an expertly crafted cocktail, shaken to perfection by the daft hands of one of our legendary pro-Mixologists, for example.

It’s all about cultivating a perfectly harmonious marriage of quality ingredients, technique, aesthetics, and ultimately, experience.

Much like an exceptional cocktail — We’ve been busy shaking up something truly fresh & exciting…And in Los Angeles, we’ve crafted the perfect recipe for success — Our partnership launch with Saucey — the aptly named & beloved alcohol delivery service — to take care of your drinking needs, wherever in the LA area you may be!

Call us Old Fashioned, but to celebrate a pairing as perfect as say, whiskey & bitters, we had to sweeten the deal with an event to match!

Getting Saucey With Hooch

On May 18th, Hooch & Saucey invited our users to learn how to master the perfect Old Fashioned with LA’s iconic & legendary Mixologist — Ian Lockhart — For an educational (seriously) and extravagant evening of mixology, mingling, and fun at our heralded Venue Partner & swanky West Hollywood mainstay, The Parlor.

With The Parlor’s sophisticated & bustling update to the classic sports-bar concept as the perfect space to set the tone for a buzz-worthy occasion such as this, guests poured in as the cocktails started flowing. Ian Lockhart, revered for his unprecedented attention to detail & unadulterated passion for his craft, hand-stirred countless Old Fashioned’s worthy of the namesake…garnished with laser-embossed Hooch/Saucey branded orange peels, of course (we are a Tech company, after all!).


In addition to the timeless classic, The Parlor also generously provided an equally astounding Moscow Mule in addition to their house specialty cocktail, The Roughneck, to Hooch & Saucey members…WHO SAYS LEARNING CAN’T BE FUN!? 

…There you have it — With Hooch & Saucey, we’re empowering YOU to experience the greatest cocktails your city has to offer, AND to impress your friends with top-shelf mixology know-how by getting EVERYTHING you need to recreate them when it’s time to bring the party home — All at your fingertips!

So head on out to a new Hooch Venue, try something bold & unexpected, and see if YOU have what it takes to become an expert Mixologist…

Be sure to download the Saucey App now, and get $10.00 off alcohol delivery using the code: Hooch on your next order with Saucey!

Happy Drinking,

Hooch Team