If you’re anything like us, you resolved to treat your body a little bit better in 2017.  At the same time, you also like to have a good time with a drink…or three. Don’t worry, you can have your martini and drink it too. We polled our team of experts here at HOOCH and distilled our list of the best healthy cocktails to make at home:

Cosmopolitan, Skinny Style



  • Citrus-flavored vodka
  • Club soda
  • Pomegranate juice (cranberry juice will also work)
  • Lime wedge
  • Orange zest

An oldie, but a goodie – with a twist.  Cosmos are delicious, but the triple sec adds a lot of unwanted calories.  Instead, you can fix your cosmo with orange zest, citrus-flavored vodka, and club soda for a cocktail that is not only healthier than the original, but also better.

First, in a shaker, muddle the zest. Then, mix in one shot of citrus-flavored vodka, a splash of club soda, a bit of pomegranate juice, and a small squeeze of a lime wedge. Shake well, strain, and pour into a martini glass. Then, repeat once or twice, because you’ll want more.

White Sangria



  • Mango juice (one can)
  • Pineapple juice (one can)
  • Seltzer (one bottle, 1L)
  • White wine (one bottle)
  • Various fruit

Here’s a drink that you can fix for the whole party in one shot!  Now that you have your ingredients, you pretty much know what to do from here: Slice up the fruit, pour in everything else, add ice, and soak in the compliments from your grateful friends.

Unlike other sangria recipes, this one steers clear of added cane sugar. If you’re trying to be extra good this year, make sure your added fruits are high in fiber. Fruits such as grapefruits, apricots, oranges, tangerines, strawberries, and apples fit the bill.

Bombay Magic



  • Cointreau
  • Vodka
  • Lemon juice
  • Club soda
  • Mint leaf

You can almost never go wrong with fresh mint + citrus.  To make “Bombay Magic,” combine half a shot of Cointreau, one-quarter shot of vodka, and the juice of half a lemon.  Top it off with club soda and a mint leaf and voila, you have a drink that would make even David Blaine squeal. The best part is, this drink comes in at around 100 calories. (Note: If you’re not into vodka, feel free to sub in your favorite tequila.)

Skinny Adult Arnold Palmer/John Daly



  • Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka
  • Sugar-free lemonade
  • lemon wedge

Arnold Palmer’s legacy in golf is remarkable, but the man’s taste in refreshments is something to behold in its own right.  Yes, Arnold won the Masters four times and owns a staggering 62 wins on the PGA tour, but non-golfers revere him for the invention of the Arnold Palmer drink – a divine mix of ice tea and lemonade.

Now that you’re a little more grown up, the John Daly is more your speed. That, of course, blends ice tea, lemonade, and vodka. Wanting to avoid Mr. Daly’s physical condition, we have the perfect way to 86 those calories.

Fill a short glass with ice and pour in one shot of sweet tea vodka. Then, fill the rest of the glass with lemonade, and place a lemon wedge on the rim. If you want to make John especially proud, make it a tall glass with double the vodka. Easy!