Historically, New York City’s Financial District has not been known for its food or drink.  That reputation has changed in recent years thanks to quality watering holes like The Malt House FiDi.  Now, The Malt House is the newest addition to HOOCH’s lineup of NYC bars.


Based on the classic look of the bar, you might expect only basic pub food.  You will find the classics here, but there’s much more to explore beyond the burgers.  Take, for example, the cheese platter featuring istara, taleggio, camembert, toasted fennel bread, and quince jam.  Yes, this is a little bit more refined than what you were imagining.


Our favorite selections here are the old favs with New American twists, like the truffled fries with bleu cheese and the panko-fried white cheddar cheese curds.  The hickory-wood smoked spicy wings are also a can’t miss.   In the “handheld” section of the menu, there’s a mighty good buttermilk fried chicken melt as well a meatball sub under the comically snobbish “braised meatball baguette” moniker.   We’d laugh at the name, but it’s a pretty solid sandwich.


If you’re ready to drop some of those Wall Street dollars, check out the Cowboy Ribeye, which comes with the aforementioned truffle fries and a choice of three sauces: au poivre, bleu butter, and Texas mustard.  At $38, it’s not the most economical steak you’ll find in New York, but it’s darn good and you can consider it a convenience tax for not having to schlep elsewhere for a separate full-on meal.


The HOOCH featured cocktail here is the Swashbucklin’ In Brooklyn: Mt. Gay Armoury Black Barrel rum, Luxardo, passion fruit, and LBV Port Mist 14.  With subtle notes of vanilla, this drink is balanced and a good entryway into the drink selections here.

Once you’ve downed that, we suggest that you and your companion(s) move on to the whiskey flights.  Three of the four options (“Wildlands Whiskey” “The Holy Flight” and “Flight Of Lost Souls”) come in at a reasonable $30 and will allow you to explore four different varieties in each round.   The fourth one, aptly named “The Wolf Of Wall Street,” costs $600 and includes Pappy Van Winkle and Macallan 25 Year Sherry Oak.  In this neighborhood, that probably gets ordered more often than you realize.