Survive the Holidays: Top 10 Drinking Games

Holiday season is in full swing! Just when you thought there can’t possibly be another ugly sweater party, family dinner or work potluck… well, there’s probably one more. Spice things up – or simply keep your sanity – with this epic list of festive drinking games. Cheers!


The Alphabet Game

Let’s hope you’re not too rusty with the alphabet (or else pay the price of some dranks). Sit the party in a circle and have a drink in front of each person. The theme is to say a word that involves a Christmas, Hanukkah or holiday concept. So the first person up starts with the first letter of the alphabet. They say a holiday-related word that begins with “A,” such as “angels.” The next person up must repeat that word and then say a word that starts with “B,” such as “bells.” It goes on in this pattern and the first person to mess up or doesn’t come up with a word in time, that it’s bottoms up for them!


Angels We Have Heard On High

Get your shots ready on this game! It’s a twist on Marco Polo, where the key is not to find someone but rather to shout out who they are. Someone is blindfolded (or closes their eyes) and someone in the crowd shouts “on high.” The blindfolded person would guess who the person is by their voice. If they get it wrong, they drink a shot, but if they get it right, the person shouting gets a shot. Be weary if you live close to your neighbors though, as this game gets rowdy!


Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

Remember the sweet days of your youth playing red light, green light and musical chairs? Well the games have come together to make a holiday baby called “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree!” Appoint a judge to the game, who will also serve as the DJ. The DJ plays music and everyone goes around the Christmas tree (or bottle of whiskey, if we are tree-less). Once the DJ ceases the music, everyone must get into their best mannequin challenge pose and be completely still (face and all). The judge gets to decide who isn’t passing the challenge and summons a drink as the penalty.


Drinking Dreidel

While playing dreidel is a great past time to celebrate Hanukkah, this twist makes the game fit for adults only. While the original game involved pieces to give or take from a pot, such as chocolate coins, raisins or nuts, what we’re exchanging in this pot are shots. Get ample shots ready to flow and take turns spinning the dreidel with the following rules:

Shin: the spinner drinks

Hei: the spinner picks someone else to drink

Gimel: everyone but the spinner drinks

Nun: everyone drinks!


All I Want for Christmas

Going a little forward in the years to your college days, this holiday drinking game is a great mix of Truth or Dare (but really, it’s just all dare) and beer pong. Get 20 cups of beer (or whatever alcohol satisfies your booze craving) and set-up your beer pong table. Alternate tosses as you miss them, but if you get a ball in a cup, you get to ask what you want for Christmas from the other team (such as “all I want for Christmas is for Tommy to…”). If they refuse the Christmas wish, they drink the cup and remove it from the table. If they do the dare, the cup stays.


Santa or Elf

Leave it to the hands of chance for this drinking game. Sit in a circle and set-up a pitcher filled with a given amount of beer. Set-up your deck of cards and have someone ready to guess what color they will draw. The black is the Elf and the red is Santa. If you guess right, you’re in the safe and it’s the next person’s turn. If you get it wrong, that’s bottoms up for everything in the pitcher. However, it’s still not the end of the turn and you keep guessing until you get it right.


Buzzfeed’s Santa’s Cups

Old Maid has no place at the drinking table here, as the goal of the game is to get yourself tipsy. This holiday rendition of King’s Cup will do the trick and get everyone nice and toasty. Set-up Santa’s Cup in the middle (which is any large cup) and then spread shuffled cards in a circle around the cup. A person starts, picks a card and shows the card to everyone. The rule is that each drawn card is to follow the assigned drinking rule to that ranking card (i.e. the number 4 is for Ho-Ho-Ho’s, which means all the ladies take a drink). The game goes clockwise and for every person that draws a King, they get to make-up a rule that must be followed until the next King is drawn. They also get to toss everything in their cup into Santa’s Cup. The last person to draw a King ends the game and drinks Santa’s Cup. Print out the rules here.


Drunk Christmas Karaoke

If in the case you don’t have a karaoke machine, it is as simple as playing the YouTube video of the lyrics for your favorite holiday songs. Everyone else gets to pick the song for the person that is up to sing. As for the singer, get ready to sing your heart out, but the catch is you can’t look at the lyrics. If the singer happens to forget the lyrics, you won’t get a piece of coal for being a bad caroler, but you will pay the price of a drink instead.


Crazy Carolers/Jingle Shots

Get everyone seated in a circle and have your shots ready! The person who begins the game says a line from any holiday song. Then the person to their right continues singing the next line of the song. It continues around the circle until a person forgets the lyrics or says the lyrics incorrectly, in which this crazy caroler takes a shot. They then begin over with a line from another song and then it continues around again.


10 Greatest Christmas Movies of All Time

If you’re one for Netflix binging movies, then this drinking game is for you. For the top greatest Christmas movies of all time, there is a game ready to be played that involves ample shots. Whether you like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Home Alone or even want to enjoy some holiday explosions in Die Hard, there is a great list of curated key scenes from these popular holiday movies for you to take a drink, take shots or chug a mug of liquor. For old classics like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Miracle on 34th Street, check out this list. For newer movies like Elf, Love Actually and Frozen, check out this list.


Santa’s Hat

If you like to live life on the edge (or simply want to say, “peppermint fudge it, no one has time to plan”), you can play Santa’s Hat. The whole point of this game is to put a Santa hat on the top corner of your TV. Anytime someone on the screen wears the Santa’s Hat, that’s bottoms up for everyone!



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