Summer is around the corner! We are dusting off the heart hurt from Valentine’s Day just in time for the single season. Where summer sun brings about new relationship prospects, rooftop bars (romantic views), poolside parties (nakedness) and handsome/hot eligibles from their apartments where they have been hibernating all winter.

Here are some of the top things to do during single season.

  1. Have a one night stand


Have an after-work rendezvous ONE NIGHT [at the] STANDard Rooftop in LA or New York. The waterbeds in LA are a novelty that makes for an intimate first kiss if you fancy someone at the bar. Have yourself a modern When Harry Met Sally moment in the New York location..the views are Also, go to the bathroom at the Top of the Standard where you can pee/makeout/hook-up with a view of the Empire State building. (Picture of the view from the loo!)


2. Plan 3 first dates in one day.

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In the age of Tinder there is no reason why you can’t have a date morning, noon and night. Get creative with your dates, squeeze in some chores and make it fun! Bring them with you while you walk your dog, get your exercise in with a romantic cycle and why not take your date shopping with you.. who likes sitting interview-style across a table on a first date anyway!

3.  Travel Solo

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Being solo while traveling might sound intimidating but it’s actually liberating! I moved to NYC not knowing a single soul and while it was rough at times it really helped me learn who I am, cliche and all as it sounds. I found out the foods I like to eat, how and where I like to socialize, what kind of people I like to surround myself with and things that make me happy, sad, stressed. So not everyone can just up and leave and move to a whole new country but I definitely encourage you to do it for a week at least! If you’re doing it on the cheap, use HOOCH as a way to offset costs. It will get you out and about in cool bars in a new city, pay for your first drink and help you meet new people.

4. Do things alone!

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One of the greatest joys of being single is doing this alone. I know this sounds like something your therapist says that goes in one ear and out the other BUT don’t dismiss it so fast. The first time you do it it is nerve-wrecking.. going somewhere you normally would go in a group… but bite the bullet. It’s liberating, realizing you can do the things you want to do by yourself, without the security blanket of your friends or a random date AND you’ll actually enjoy yourself. Promise.