Hosting your own fiesta this Cinco de Mayo weekend and looking to up your cocktail game? We’ve got you covered! Besides killer drinks, chips and guac, the first step to throwing the best Cinco de Mayo party is knowing the (ahem, true) meaning behind the celebration. Contrary to popular belief, it’s NOT Mexican Independence Day!…

In 1861 Mexico defaulted on its debts to a few European countries. While they were able to settle the matter peacefully with Britain and Spain, France took exception to this slight; they deemed this the perfect opportunity to gain some territory. As France sent troops, the Mexican president rounded up a rag-tag group of two-thousand soldiers who fortified their position and battled the French in Puebla (does the Battle of Puebla sound familiar?). The battle only lasted a day, but the French managed to lose more troops than the much smaller Mexican battalion. Though not a federal holiday in Mexico, this victory is celebrated every year with a military parade… and with a ample amount of alcohol north of the border.

Now on to the cocktails and how to make’m!


The Bulldog Margarita

If you’ve ever been to a Mexican restaurant whose focus is more on cocktails and nightlife, rather than food, you will recognize this drink. Your friends will be super impressed when you hand them one of these.

You will need: Tequila, Cointreau, Coronita (tiny Coronas), lime juice, sugar, salt.

Rim glasses with salt, blend ingredients with ice, fill glass, flip the Coronita upside down in the glass. Voila! Lime (and/or orange) garnishes optional.



Simple and one of the more elegant drinks on this list. This particular recipe is a slight twist on what has become Mexico’s most popular tequila drink. Make it for your discerning friend who still enjoys the “exuberant” nightlife of Cinco de Mayo.

You will need: Tequila Blanco, grapefruit juice, club soda, simple syrup, lime juice.

Once again, you will want to rim your glass (preferably a highball) with salt. Shake tequila, grapefruit juice, simple syrup and lime juice with ice. Strain into glass over ice and top off with the club soda. Refreshing and simple.


The Firecracker

Boozy and sweet: the perfect drink to skyrocket your house party from casual get-together to never-ending Fiesta. This is an especially great drink if the weather is warm and you have a back yard. Perfect if you love the nightlife and you like to boogey, but you won’t turn your nose up at day-drinking.

You will need: rum, Bacardi 151 or vodka, Blue Curacao, orange juice.

Pour everything over ice into a rocks glass. Easiest recipe on the list. You’re welcome!


Fireball Margarita

For those who can’t get enough Fireball Whiskey, the Fireball Margarita is the perfect way to incorporate their favorite beverage. If your guest list includes a large number of eternal Frat Boys and Sorority Girls, you absolutely must have this drink on hand. More complicated than the Firecracker, but worth the effort.

You will need: Fireball Whiskey (obviously), tequila, frozen strawberries, lime juice, sugar.

Blend all ingredients with ice, pour into salt-rimmed margarita glasses, garnish optional (and for the aforementioned crowd, unnecessary).


Mexican Sunset

For a less boisterous, all-day drink-a-thon, try the Mexican Sunset for a delightful at-home Happy Hour. Your guests will appreciate the effort you put into making these spectacular cocktails that taste as great as they look. You won’t have to make too many, as these are strong.

You will need: Tequila Blanco (or Silver), peach Schnapps, Amaretto, grenadine, pineapple juice, Maraschino cherries (if you’re feeling festive).

Shake Tequila, Schnapps, Amaretto, and pineapple juice with ice. Pour over ice into highball or rocks glass, then add a few splashes of grenadine. Garnish with the cherries. Once you’re done, you should have an eye-catching, visually appealing drink.


Cuervo Tradicional El Diablo

For those who want a cocktail that’s sweet, but not too sweet. This one ranks up there with the Paloma in terms of its audience. A cocktail that’s easy to make and even easier to drink.

You will need: Jose Cuervo Tradicional, cranberry juice, ginger ale, lime juice, simple syrup.

Pour Tequila, cranberry juice, lime juice, and simple syrup over ice into a highball or rocks glass. Top off with a splash of ginger ale. That’s it! You could churn out these drinks all night without becoming a slave to the bar. Your guests will appreciate what seems like a complicated recipe and be grateful that you’ve provided them with these tasty free drinks all night.


Chipotle Michelada

This drink is for the adventurous guests who love spicy foods; definitely not for the faint of heart. Might require more prep time than some other cocktails on this list, but it’s worth the effort.

You will need: Bohemia Beer, chipotle hot sauce or pureed chipotles in adobo sauce, lime juice, chipotle salt.

For the rimming salt, mix kosher salt with ground chipotle chile powder. Rim rocks glass with chipotle salt. Over ice, squeeze a splash of lime juice into glass and add hot sauce or pureed chipotles. Now, add Bohemia beer. Proceed with caution!


Mexican Mule


Most people can enjoy a Moscow Mule: refreshing, tasty, not too sweet, with a bit of a kick. Give your guests the Mexican Mule and they will always remember your parties fondly. Extra points if you have the copper mugs on hand.

You will need: Tequila, ginger beer, lime juice, fresh mint.

Pour Tequila and ginger beer over ice, add a spritz of lime juice, toss in a mint leaf (more than a garnish, this actually adds to the flavor of the drink).


Mexican Martini

This drink will make you look like the classy kid at the party, but don’t let that fool you: this is a strong drink that will have you dancing on the tables in no time.

You will need: Tequila, Cointreau, Sprite, lime juice, orange juice, olive juice.

Rim martini glasses with salt. Shake all ingredients with ice and pour into martini glasses. No fuss, no muss!



This traditional drink is no joke and require some preparation. Unlike the other cocktails on this list, not everyone will be familiar with this beverage; all the more power to you for putting in the extra effort and serving up this amazing drink. For hosts who love to put in the extra effort and infuse their Cinco de Mayo with a dash of culture.

You will need (prepare yourself!): uncooked, long-grain white rice; whole milk, vanilla extract, almond extract, sugar, ground cinnamon.

Blend rice with warm water for a minute or two (so the rice has been broken up, but not turned into a powder). Refrigerate rice mixture for a minimum of six hours (overnight is recommended). Strain mixture into a container, then pour into blender with milk, vanilla extract, almond extract, sugar, and cinnamon. Blend until smooth and serve over ice. To make this less of a mock-tail and more of a killer cocktail, add rum.


BONUS: Jell-o Shots!

If you’ve ever made them before, it should be a familiar premise with little explanation needed.

You will need: lime Jell-o, Cointreau, Tequila, limes.

Follow packet instructions for Jell-o, then add Cointreau and Tequila. Cut limes in half and scoop them out. Place lime rinds in muffin tin. Pour Jell-o mixture into each lime rind, then place in fridge to set. For smaller servings, cut the lime rinds in half again, once the Jell-o has set. Sprinkle with salt and you’re ready to go!


There you have it! Some of our favorite Cinco De Drinko Cocktail Recipes! Though some are easier than others, any of these drinks will help you have the best party ever. Remember the Battle of Puebla and bebes con seguridad! (That’s “drink safely” for the Gringos…)



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