Roses are red, violets are not yellow, spoil your BAE, be a good fellow!


Waltz past Walgreens and dreary Duane Reade, learn to say I love you in 2017.

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Don’t do it with convenience store candy or flowers, go to the place where the stuff actually expires.

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Say it on a budget with a mini photo book, or get the grill (and the extinguisher) out and cook.

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Lingerie can be sexy without costing a lot, at the end of the day it’s about hitting the right spot.


Massage oil candles help set the mood, if God Forbid you ruin the food.

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Finish it off with some store-bought delights, to ensure something sweet at the end of the night.

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Pick a good movie and massage her feet, she’ll feel like she’s being given a right old treat.

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Bring an ice cold brew for your dear and tell him you’ve got him one every day for a year!

Today is NationalHugging Day! Reach out and give someonea great big hug. (1)

Be flirty, be daring, be thoughtful too and that’s how you say ‘I love you’ to Boo.